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      This wonderful application should do the trick: Just download the .dmg file for iPhoto Diet 3.1 and remove your duplicates! Hope this helps! P.S. My suspicions of this incident are that you may have clicked upload twice or something. It happened to me with my song on iTunes. I had 6,000 + songs, now all duplicated! Full answer More answers

  1. How to find and delete duplicate photos in iPhoto - iOS Mac

    Aug 17, 2014 Duplicate photos always seem to find a way to creep into your iPhoto library, eating up precious storage space on your Mac. You could just let it go and forget all about it after all its just a few...

  2. Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto - Delete Duplicates in iPhoto

    Find and delete duplicate photos and videos within iPhoto library. Download duplicate cleaner for iPhoto and make your iPhoto library slimmer and faster.

  3. How to Delete Duplicates from your iPhoto Library. When you delete duplicate photos from your iPhoto library with Araxis Find Duplicate Files, be aware that iPhoto will not automatically recognize that photos have been deleted.

  4. How to Delete Duplicates in iPhoto - MacPaw

    Find easy ways to delete duplicates in your iPhoto library. You dont have to go over your pictures manually, there are apps that solve duplicate photo problems in a couple of clicks.

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    • How to Remove Duplicate Photos in iPhoto
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    • How To Delete Duplicates iPhoto
  5. Many of us have huge iPhoto libraries packed with duplicates and poor images. Follow these steps to weed the keepers from the clunkers.

  6. Removing duplicates from your iPhoto library - Engadget

    While I'm frequently called upon by friends and family to assist in cleaning up their iTunes duplicates, I was recently asked by a friend to help clean up duplicates of a different sort: an iPhoto library. At first glance, I knew this was going to be a tough job: duplicates were littered throughout ...

  7. How to Remove Duplicate Photos in iPhoto - YouTube

    Feb 02, 2014 Do you have a lot of duplicate photos in iPhoto? Want an easy way to clean up your iPhoto Library? Here's a perfect utility to help you do just that. http://...

  8. Just how much of your hard-drive space is taken up by duplicated photos? Well, thanks to two free programs Duplicate Photos Cleaner and Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto you can easily go through a selected drive, folder, or iPhoto library and weed out unnecessary copies, potentially freeing up gigabytes of drive space.

  9. Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto on the Mac App Store

    Download Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto for macOS @@minimumOSVersion@@ or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ... Find and remove duplicates with Duplicate Cleaner For ...

  10. How-To: Safely shrink your Macs giant photo library ...

    ... Safely shrink your Macs giant photo library, deleting duplicate images to ... afterwards to delete duplicates, ... have Duplicate Annihilator for iPhoto.

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